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STS (Speed Thrusters Swimmer)

Thrusters for divers

The STS makes it possible to cover long distances at maximum speed in a comfortable way, while leaving the operator's hands free when travelling underwater, at sea or on a river.




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+ more than 2 hours at more than 2 knots

Cover long distances

STS trois quart

Hydrodynamic design for performance,
unique ergonomics to free up your back and
ensure long-term operational comfort.

STS sur plongeur


MCO transport case and components

valise de transport
Features STS
Time in use More than 2 hours with 2 knots
Optimised travel speed 2 knots
Top speed 2.5 Knots (in unloaded rebreather)
Time in use at 2.5 nodes Over 1h45 (validated during diving)
Weight in air, in use configuration 22 Kg
Weighing in water - 6 Kg (adjustable)
Maximum depth of use 50 meters
Breathing apparatus position Prone or supine - Oxy - Mix - Air
Storage and transport Case with machined foam, compartmentalised
1 right thruster 1 interchangeable engine (engine + propeller + nozzle)
1 lithium-ion energy and control pack with :
- 4 LEDs to indicate energy level
- 1 power controller
- 1 emergency stop
- Hardened connectors for intensive use
1 left thruster 1 interchangeable engine (engine + propeller + nozzle)
1 lithium-ion energy pack
- Hardened connectors for intensive use
battery pack connection cable Etiro wired link with 2 connectors, fits inside the belt
1 set of belts and straps 1 suspension clip
2 belts (S/M and L/XL), 1 flotation belt,
2 thigh straps, 2 crank/prop interfaces
2 chargers 1 for each energy pack
1 or 2 unloaders Option
1 data player Option
1st level maintenance kit (NTI1) 2 propellers, 1 nozzle, 1 gasket kit, 1 tool kit
1 user manual on USB key French/English
1 maintenance guide Nomenclature and part numbers
Color Matt Black
Garantie 1 year, parts and labour direct with Extrem' Vision